• I recommend to all my friends and family!

    Dr. Halasz has the friendliest dental practice in town. I tell all my friends and family to see him for their next check-up.

  • Dr. Halasz takes great care of your teeth!

    I would recommend Dr. Halasz to anyone searching for an excellent dentist and a caring staff. They take great care of my teeth.

  • Dr. Halasz makes check-ups fun!

    I’ve never laughed so much at any other dental office. Dr. Halasz’s practice makes it fun.

  • I enjoy my check-ups!

    The staff at Dr. Halasz’s office always make me feel comfortable. I actually enjoy going in for my check-up!

  • My new smile has changed my life!

    This new smile has changed my life! I’m so much more confident and willing to make eye contact. It is the most amazing transformation.

  • Everyone is genuine and nice!

    Both my husband and I are happy we chose Dr. Halasz for our dental care. Everyone there is professional and efficient but also very genuine and nice. They go out of their way to make the patient comfortable.

  • My smile was a wreck, now it’s fixed!

    When I first came to see Dr. Halsaz, my smile was a wreck. Now my grin is the subject of many compliments. Dr. Halasz is the man.

  • I look forward to my next check-up!

    I actually look forward to my regular check-up with Dr. Halasz. He takes great care of my teeth and keeps me laughing, too.

  • Dr. Halasz made me feel comfortable!

    Dr. Halasz made me feel comfortable and relaxed when I went in for my root canal. He and his staff are consumate professionals who also have a lightheartedness that kept me at ease.

  • My teeth are now straight thanks to Dr. Halasz!

    Dr. Halasz straightened my teeth with expert care, and in just a few short months too.