We Provide Complete Services for Oakwood Cosmetic Dentistry

A patient contacted Dr. Halasz and his staff about cosmetic dentistry. The patient was a professional salesman who had many daily face-to-face interactions. He was self conscious about his smile because his teeth were crooked. He wanted to see what his options were for cosmetic dentistry in Oakwood. The patient informed the doctor that he didn’t like to smile, and he would cover his mouth in public due to his crooked teeth. When the patient arrived Dr. Halasz looked over his teeth and recommended using Invisalign. Invisalign is an excellent option for crooked front teeth. They are natural looking, and can be applied directly to the teeth that are crooked.

The patient agreed to go with invisalign because he had done his research on what might be available for the services of cosmetic dentistry Oakwood has to offer. He was relieved that the procedure wouldn’t take forever. When the patient was finished with the procedure schedule, he was so happy with the cosmetic dentistry that he had the remainder of his teeth whitened. The patient had increased confidence with his cosmetic dentistry, and said his sales has skyrocketed due to his increased confidence.

Dr. Halasz and his staff offers a variety of options of cosmetic dentistry services. We make each patient feel comfortable. We don’t rush our patients, but give them the personal one-on-one service that each patient deserves. We want every patient to have self-confidence with their smile, and our cosmetic dentistry can provide self-confidence, self-esteem, and much more. We are pleased that we were able to assist this patient with his smile and confidence.