Teeth Whitening in Beavercreek Impresses Relatives and Friends

Our dental office of Dr. Halasz received a call from a man in Beavercreek. The man was coming home to celebrate the holidays with his old friends and he really wanted to impress them with his appearance, so he sought out the best Beavercreek teeth whitening services he could find. That is why he contacted the dental office of Dr. Halasz. We let the man know that we were indeed did able to provide the best teeth whitening services in Beavercreek and that Dr. Halasz would provide him with the results he was wanting with his teeth whitening.

We made the appointment with the patient and he arrived courteously on time. One of our dental assistants took the patient back and Dr. Halasz looked over the patient’s teeth. Dr. Halasz let the patient know that he could whiten his teeth to the shade that he wanted and he could do this in just a couple of visits, which was great news to the patient. Dr. Halasz started the teeth whitening and the patient already saw a difference in just the first visit. He returned two days later and Dr. Halasz finished the whitening. Dr. Halasz made sure the patient would not be embarrassed by an unsightly grin, but would have confidence and self-esteem with his teeth now that the teeth whitening procedure had been performed. The man was overjoyed with the outcome and thanked the staff over and over, because he can now impress his old friends.