Springboro Teeth Whitening Gives Local Alum Confidence

A Springboro resident contacted the office. She was invited to give a speech at the Springboro High School graduation commencement ceremony. She was thrilled that she was invited to give a speech, but she was worried about her teeth. She was wondering who could provide the teeth whitening Springboro residents like her need. Her teeth were yellowed and stained, and she was not comfortable or had the self-confidence she wanted due to the appearance of her teeth.

The patient arrived at the office, and Dr. Halasz and his team looked over her teeth. Dr. Halasz would be able to correct the staining with the teeth whitening treatment called Zoom! Zoom! would be able to get her teeth whiter up to six shades in just one treatment. This would be an excellent option, so she could do her speech at the graduation and ceremony. The patient would have the confidence to deliver her speech without fear.

Dr. Halasz started the Zoom! whitening procedure for the patient, and by the end of the procedure the patient’s teeth was the shade that she wanted. The teeth whitening treatment is safe, affordable, and provide the quick results that the patient needed. The patient was able to give her speech and inspire the Springboro High School graduates.

Dr. Halasz was able to provide the teeth whitening in the same week for the patient. He stepped in and met all the patients’ expectations. Dr. Halasz thrives on providing self-confidence and enhancing smiles for all his patients.