Springboro Dental Crowns Help Teenager Save Face

A mother brought her teenager into the office of Dr. Halasz. The teenager had chipped teeth, which was a result of a recent skateboarding accident. The mother was very concerned with the chipped teeth, and the teenager didn’t want to walk around in public with a scary-looking mouth. The mother expressed that she wanted the chipped teeth repaired quickly, because she didn’t want her teenage son to start getting discouraged or depressed.

Dr. Halasz looked over the chipped teeth, then set him up with dental crowns Springboro residents would not be able to even guess were there. The dental crowns would provide the teenager with sturdy and pleasant teeth, but also confidence that the teenager needed. The dental crowns would restore the chipped teeth and would match the adjacent teeth, so nobody would ever notice that the dental crowns weren’t the original front teeth. The dental crowns were done within just a couple visits, and the skateboarding kid was glad when the dental crowns were done. The teenager didn’t have to suffer any embarrassment before the school year started, and the mother was amazed on how the dental crowns matched the other teeth. Dr. Halasz is the dental crowns Springboro specialist. Dr. Halasz can generally have dental crowns applied in one to two visits, which is wonderful for patients who have chipped teeth due to an accident. Dr. Halasz understands that everyone wants a nice smile, and dental crowns are effective in doing that and much more.