Beavercreek Root Canal helps Beavercreek Patient

Our office received a call from a patient who was in severe pain. The patient informed us that he had an abscess in his mouth, and his teeth were killing him. He wanted to see Dr. Halasz as soon as he could. (Click the link for more on Beavercreek Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Halasz) We thrive on providing emergency dental services for our patients who are in pain, so we told the patient to come on in and we would fit him in. The patient was happy to know he could come in, and within twenty minutes he arrived at the office.

The nurse took the patient back to look over his mouth, and to relieve some of the pain. The nurse could see that he had infection, so she went to inform Dr. Halasz, and he came in immediately. Dr. Halasz said the first thing he was going to do was numb the patients mouth, then take an x-ray to see what was going on in his mouth. We waited until the patient was pain free, then took the x-rays. There was a tooth that had decay. A root canal would be needed to save the tooth, and prevent any further infection, bacteria, and pain for the patient. Dr. Halasz explained the root canal to the patient, but wanted to make sure that the infection was gone before starting, so Dr. Halasz gave the patient a prescription for antibiotic and medication to relieve any pain, then advised the patient to return the following week for the root canal.

The following week the patient returned for the root canal. Dr. Halasz checked the decayed tooth and area to ensure that all infection was gone, then started the root canal. When the root canal was finished, the tooth was sealed, then caped with a dental crown to prevent any damage to the tooth. We are happy to announce that the patient has not had a problem with the tooth for over a year, because of the root canal therapy.

If you are experienced throbbing tooth pain and infection, then you may need root canal therapy performed. Call the dental office of Dr. Halasz today!