Quick Service Needed From Our Kettering Dentists

A snowboarder was enjoying the winter season, but took a spill on the slopes one day and chipped a tooth. When he got back home he went to the Kettering dentists he had always used, and was very glad that Dr. Halasz was able to give him a quality crown. When he called the dental office and explained the situation to the staff we were able to get him in for an appoitnment that same afternoon, which made him very happy.

He arrived at the dental office and the nurse took him back quickly so Dr. Halasz could take a look at the chipped tooth. They took an x-ray of the tooth and Dr. Halasz let the patient know that a dental crown would cover the chipped tooth and also add strength, structure, and appearance to the tooth. The patient was thrilled and Dr. Halasz even put in a temporary crown until the permanent crown was ready. Once the permanent dental crown was ready the patient returned and had the crown set. The young man was thrilled with the outcome of the tooth. He didn’t have to worry about his appearance suffering or an unsightly smile for a very long time, thanks to Dr. Halasz who is the most qualified dentists in Kettering. The patient can smile without worrying about a chipped tooth and can even go back to snowboarding too! The patient was so happy with the services he received with Dr. Halasz he has been posting pictures of his smile on his Instagram.