Porcelain Veneers Change appearance for Oakwood woman

One of our patients called the dental office to schedule an appointment to see if they could have veneers. The patient had been a patient for a short time, and we was glad to get her in quickly. (Click for more on Oakwood Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Halasz) The patient arrived, and wanted to see if Dr. Halasz thought that veneers would help the appearance of her teeth. Her teeth and gums were in good health, but the teeth had become stained over the years. Dr. Halasz was happy that she was interested in dental veneers, because the thin shell of porcelain would definitely brighten the stained teeth, and the patient could pick the shade that she wanted for her smile.

Dr. Halasz took a mold of the teeth, so the dental veneers could be precisely made. The patient would return a week later, and Dr. Halasz would gently buff down the teeth, then apply the veneers. The dental veneers procedure is usually done in two visits. The patient arrived anxiously as scheduled, and Dr. Halasz applied the veneers, then showed the patient her new and beautiful smile. The patient was overjoyed with the appearance of her new smile.

If your smile is stained, or you have broken or chipped teeth, then you may be interested in having dental veneer therapy for your teeth. Dr. Halasz and his staff can have your teeth looking great within two visits. Contact the dental office of Dr. Halasz today, so we can schedule you a consultation with Dr. Halasz.