Patient Has Reinvigorated Smile After Getting a Veneer in Dayton

The office of Dr. Halasz was contacted by a man in Dayton. The man is a retired musician who explained that he had not taken great care of his teeth during the touring days, and he had chipped and damaged some of his teeth while eating an apple recently. He was needing to have a great veneer in Dayton, so he called Dr. Halasz’s office. The staff sympathized with the patient and was able to get him in to see Dr. Halasz that afternoon.

The patient arrived a bit early and explained to the staff that he was very nervous. The friendly staff helped ease his fears and helped him easily and effectively. Dr. Halasz met with the patient after a couple of x-rays were performed. Dr. Halasz let the patient know that he would be a good candidate for veneers and would have the procedure done within just a couple of appointments, which pleased the patient. Less than two weeks later the patient had finished his last veneer procedure, and there was a smile on his face from ear to ear. The patient said he was so happy that he came to Dr. Halasz, because he received the best veneer in Dayton. The patient also said that he will take care of his teeth now and he has many reasons to smile. He said he has never had such a beautiful smile before in his entire life, and he owes it all to the Dr. Halasz and his staff.