Ohio Truck Driver opts for Centerville Veneer Treatment

A retired truck driver from Centerville contacted Dr. Halasz. The former driver drank large amounts of coffee during his career to keep himself awake so he could drive across the country. Unfortunately, the coffee had damaged the enamel on his teeth. The coffee stained and caused severe enamel damage to his teeth, and the truck driver wanted to have his smile so he could enjoy his retirement and look good, too.

The truck driver called to set an appointment and arrived at the office. Dr. Halasz  proceeded with a dental exam and evaluation. Dr. Halasz informed the patient that he couldn’t just perform a teeth whitening procedure, because of the damage that had occurred to the enamel. Dr. Halasz did suggest that porcelain veneers would be an excellent option. He explained to the patient that porcelain veneers would permanently bond to his natural teeth, and they would be as strong as his real teeth. Dr. Halasz told his patient that he could give him an impressive veneer Centerville and all of Ohio would enjoy. Dr. Halasz performed many Centerville veneer treatments on patients from around that area, and they are an excellent option for patients who have enamel damage to their teeth.

The patient agreed to have the porcelain veneer procedure done because he wouldn’t have to have his teeth pulled and it would only take a few visits to complete. When the porcelain veneers were applied, the truck driver contacted the office to let them know how happy he was with his smile and his porcelain veneers. He continued to say that he was enjoying his retirement to the fullest now, and was planning on going to Hawaii for vacation. Dr. Halasz was so glad that he could assist this patient and enhance his patient’s golden years.