Oakwood Root Canal for Mother in Dire Need

The dental office of Dr. Halasz received a call from a busy, single mom, who needed one of the most effective root canals Oakwood could provide her. The single mom had been experiencing a toothache that she had neglected for way too long, because of her packed schedule. The busy single mom had been dealing with the toothache for a very long time, but she seemed to never take the time to take care of it. The toothache was now getting to the point where she was getting short and snappy with her children, even when they didn’t deserve it (though they were mostly well-behaved). The pain was getting so intense that she needed to be seen by Dr. Halasz as soon as possible, and the receptionist was able to get the single mom in the same day, because of the urgent toothache.

The single mom met with Dr. Halasz that afternoon, and Dr. Halasz looked over the tooth, and recommended an urgent root canal, which he was able to perform quickly. Dr. Halasz understands that a toothache can alter the emotions and actions of an individual, and Dr. Halasz wanted to relieve this toothache pain for the single mom, so she could get back to being the patient and understanding mom that she normally is. The root canal was performed for the single mom, and the single mom is now pain free. Dr. Halasz was happy to assist in this near-emergency, and the kids are glad that their mom isn’t suffering and have been extra well-behaved for the past few months.