Oakwood Cosmetic Dentist Sought by New Business Owner

Recently, the dental office of Dr. Halasz was contacted by a landscape designer. The landscape designer had just started their own firm and wanted to make a good impression with any potential new clients that he might have. He went to his favorite Oakwood cosmetic dentist, Dr. Halasz, who set up the landscaper with services that would give him a great smile.

The dental office greeted the patient when he arrived for his cosmetic dentistry. Our friendly staff took the patient back and Dr. Halasz examined his teeth thoroughly, then offered him options that would provide him with the results that he wanted to receive. Dr. Halasz told the patient that porcelain veneers would provide him with the smile and confidence that he was wanting and that veneers is a popular procedure that we perform on a daily basis. The patient agreed and the procedure was started. The veneers would improve his smile, and they would repair any chipped teeth. The veneers were applied and now the patient really has a reason to smile. His teeth look fantastic and the dental work was done pain-free, which is what our office thrives on providing. The patient contacted the office after all the work was applied just to say thank you. He said that he now has the confidence to talk to new clients at his new firm and seems to be smiling more and more each day. This is all because Dr. Halasz is the best cosmetic dentist Oakwood professionals can depend upon for a great smile.