Kettering Cosmetic Dentists for the Whole Family’s Needs

A Kettering family needed a whole gamut of cosmetic dentistry services. The fifteen year old daughter wanted invisalign, and both of her parents were seeking teeth whitening. Finally, the younger ten year old son needed just a simple cleaning. Each family member needed a different dental service, the family wanted to go to one location that could provide cosmetic dentists Kettering families would trust, and so they contacted the dental office of Dr. Halasz.

The receptionists scheduled the family all together, so Dr. Halasz could see exactly what each family member needed, and fully evaluate their teeth. This was impressive to the parents, because they didn’t have to make four different visits to the office for the entire family to be seen. Each member of the family was seen, and each of their dental services were met with excellent results. They were each very glad to visit one of the best cosmetic dentists Kettering had to offer and were very impressed with Dr. Halasz’s professional dental staff. They were all treated very well, and received scheduled appointments for all their needs after a simple phone call in. The family now has a qualified and compassionate dentist that can meet the needs of this busy family. They are all now receiving the dental treatment that they all want, and they don’t have to travel out of their city to do it. Dr. Halasz is the best cosmetic dentists Kettering can trust for quality services.