Invisalign in Centerville Brings Perfection to Smile

We meet with new patients at our offices each day. We recently met with a woman who was interested in the best clinic using Invisalign Centerville could provide her. She had a beautiful face, and her smile looked great, but she did notice that her teeth required a bit of straightening work to further enhance that great smile. As a child, she never wore braces as her teeth were straight. But, as she aged, work stress, and other daily stresses, caused her to bite her nails, and caused her to grind her teeth, both of which led to the unsightly asymmetry which she wanted to improve upon.

When she came into our offices, we immediately informed her of how Invisalign was the simple solution to her problem. Not only was it a quick fix (relatively in comparison to braces), it was a clear solution which a prominent business woman in her position was looking for as well. We informed her how the trays worked, how the aligners would be fitted to ensure her teeth were being straightened properly, and we informed her of how her smile would look once everything was finished. She was pleased with the graphs and the computer graphic representation we showed her, and decided that Invisalign Centerville was the solution for her.

Not only was our office able to assist her in modifying the smile and changing her facial appearance and expressions, she also felt several years younger, due to her new found confidence, once we completed the treatment plan we had in place for her. Not only were we pleased that the patient was happy with the work we were able to do for her, we wanted to make it an effort to show her how simple it was, how affordable it was, and how pain free the process was as well.