Illustrator Uses Our Kettering Dental Office to Impress Colleagues

An illustrator contacted the dental office of Dr. Halasz last month. The illustrator had just joined an agency and starting receiving great health benefits. One of the benefits that he received was dental insurance, which is something that he hadn’t had in several years. He used his insurance at the start of the New Year to inquire about the best dental office Kettering had to offer, which was Dr. Halasz’s dental office. He was so happy to be bale to see a dentist regularly again.

The illustrator was so glad to go to Dr. Halasz for a cleaning and an initial checkup, which was sorely needed on his part. The patient was quite surprised that he didn’t need more dental work because it had been some time since he was seen by a dentist. The checkup showed no major damages with his teeth and after he received his cleaning he said his teeth and mouth felt wonderful. Now that the patient has dental insurance he has vowed to make sure he keeps his teeth cleaned and his oral health done. The dental office in Kettering is close to his home and work, so going to see Dr. Halasz would be easy to do. He was so thrilled with the dental treatment that he received with Dr. Halasz and his staff that he started telling his family and friends to go there, because you are treated like royalty with this dental office. Dr. Halasz is a companionate and understanding dentists that will help you achieve a great smile quickly and without pain.