Fall Tooth Damage Requires Dayton Root Canals

A teenager drank too much soda and ate a lot of candy this past Halloween. He was really overindulging in the sugary drinks and sweets. One night the teenager woke up with a throbbing toothache and he started to complain about the toothache to his mother. She called the office of Dr. Halasz to see if they could fit him in as soon as possible. The receptionist did just that and asked the mother and son to come in just a few hours later.

The staff took the young man back and started doing x-rays. Dr. Halasz came in after the x-rays were complete, then looked at his teeth. Dr. Halasz concluded the high schooler would need two Dayton root canals in order to not have a complete extraction. The high schooler was happy because he thought that he would have to have one of his teeth pulled. The mother told Dr. Halasz that she had been nagging at her son for quite some time about eating and drinking too many sugary products. She said maybe now he will listen to her. She asked Dr. Halasz to start the root canals, which he did. The teenager is happy that he is getting quality root canals in Dayton that will prevent him from losing any of his teeth thanks to Dr. Halasz and his professional dental staff. It’s been a couple of weeks since the procedure had been performed and the family is back to their normal routine, though the kid isn’t eating as many sweets as before.