Emergency Cosmetic Dentistry for a Dayton resident

We recently had a patient from Dayton call our office needing some help. The patient was eating hard candy the previous night, and a front tooth was chipped. The patient was very upset and wanted help immediately, so our office scheduled her to come in two hours later. The patient arrived on time, and was obviously upset, so one of our friendly and compassionate staff members took her back to have Dr. Halasz take a look at her tooth immediately. We reassured her that Dr. Halasz was highly trained as a cosmetic dentist, and would be able to assist her.

Dr. Halasz came in and looked over the chipped tooth, and recommended a dental crown. A dental crown would feel and look like the natural tooth, and can last the patient a lifetime. The patient agreed to have the dental crown therapy done, so Dr. Halasz made an impression of the tooth to have the porcelain crown made, and then he was able to put a temporary crown on the tooth until the porcelain crown was done. The patient was thrilled to have the chipped tooth covered in the same day. The following week the patient returned to have the permanent dental crown applied. When the procedure was completed the patient was happy to see that it matched her natural teeth, and was very comfortable. Dr. Halasz and the staff was just happy to see the patient was smiling again.

If you have a chipped tooth and you want immediate dental care, then contact the office of Dr. Halasz today.