Dental Office in Kettering Serves Halloween Celebrators

Dr. Halasz and his staff was contacted by concerned parents in Kettering. The parents were concerned that their three kids had come to the age where they could all go trick or treating together and had done so this past Halloween. The children went out that Halloween and received tons of candy from going door to door in their neighborhood. The children came home with an unbelievable amount of candy and immediately started eating all this candy. The parents wanted to schedule an appointment with the Kettering dental office, but wanted to have the kid’s appointment in the same day and within the same amount of time so they wouldn’t have to come to the office several times.

We set the appointment and the kids were brought to the best dental office in Kettering to see Dr. Halasz to make sure their smiles would remain in good health. Dr. Halasz took time with each child to check out their teeth thoroughly. He informed the parents and the children that if they brushed, flossed, and limited the amount of candy they ate each day that they would all have great oral health. The kids of course was  happy because they were afraid that Dr. Halasz would tell them no more candy, because he is a dentist, but they were thrilled that they could enjoy the candy in moderation. Dr. Halasz made sure their smiles would remain in good health and the parents were overjoyed that they had brought their kids to the best dental office Kettering parents could trust.