Dental Implants for a Centerville Man

The dental office of Dr. Halasz (Centerville Cosmetic Dentist) received a call from a man that was interested in a consultation. The man explained to the receptionist that he had several missing teeth, and he just wanted to have this problem resolved, and he believed dentures was his only option. We scheduled the man to come in, and we informed him that Dr. Halasz was the cosmetic dentist specialists and could offer him with several options for his missing teeth.

The man arrived for his appointment, and one of our experienced nurses took him back to look over his mouth. He showed the nurse where he was missing two teeth, and the nurse started taking x-rays, so Dr. Halasz could effectively see what was actually going on in his mouth. Dr. Halasz looked over the x-rays, then examined the patient’s mouth. Dr. Halasz let the patient know that he didn’t have to have dentures, because he was an excellent candidate for dental implants. The dental implants would replace the missing teeth, and restore form and function for the patient. The patient was happy with the news, and agreed to the dental implants. Our staff began taking 3D images and impressions. Within a few weeks the patient had his dental implants attached, and he had a healthy mouth and smile that he was wanting.

Dr. Halasz and his staff can determine if you are a candidate for dental implants if you are suffering with missing teeth. Contact our office today, so we can schedule you for a consultation.