Dental Crowns in Oakwood Keep Food Lover Happy

An Oakwood roofer contacted us about a couple of teeth that he had chipped. The roofer absolutely loved ribs. He loved them so much that he ate them almost every week, but one week he bit into a bone too hard. That is when he chipped a couple of his teeth. When we heard about it we felt very sorry for the poor fellow and encouraged him to come in for an office visit. He wanted to see if he could get into the office as soon as he could, because he didn’t want to walk around with chipped teeth. Our staff was able to get him in the following morning. The patient arrived, and we took him back to take a look at his teeth. Dr. Halasz examined the teeth thoroughly, and suggested the patient get dental crowns. The dental crowns would restore the chipped teeth without being too invasive, and our dental office would be able to make the crowns in just one appointment. Dr. Halasz let the patient know that the dental crowns can last him for a very long time too.

The patient was thrilled with the news. Dr. Halasz set him up with some Oakwood dental crowns that would hold up to his pork habit, which was important for the patient. Dr. Halasz started the procedure. It ended up being fast, painless, and easy. He was able to do the procedures without losing any work, either. The roofer is enjoying his new dental crowns, but most importantly he is still eating his favorite ribs each week!