Dayton Veneer Brings Sparkle to Golden Years

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We were recently contacted by a retiree who was a bit confused with what to do with herself in her Golden Years. Her only daughter had moved far away for work, and her husband had passed away a few years ago. Betsy felt like she needed to make a change in her life. There was a man named who lived in her building who was always trying to get her attention, but there was an insecurity she felt that prevented her from having much fun. It was her two front teeth. They were so brittle, and a chip had developed in one of them. It must have been due to not getting enough calcium when she was younger. She was horribly embarrassed by it, even though it wasn’t quite as noticeable as she may have thought.  As a result she hardly ever smiled – in fact almost never. Her daughter had suggested that she try out Dr. Halasz, which was only a few miles away from her condo. She decided to give an appointment a shot, thinking it would give her the little confidence boost she needed to start a new chapter.

A few weeks later, after a very uplifting consultation, followed by a thorough exam, our new customer had her veneers put in for her two front teeth. She couldn’t stop looking in the mirror at her teeth. They were beautiful! They looked very natural and they had been specially made to match the rest of her teeth in tint and shape. How amazing! The day after the veneers were put in she strolled down to the indoor pool at her condo. A certain gentleman was there with two of her acquaintances. Our successful veneer patient sat down by the pool, tilted her sun hat up, and smiled like she hadn’t smiled in a decade. For the next hour, she probably got about five compliments on her smile. No one noticed they were veneers, and she was thrilled that she decided to visit one of the best cosmetic dentists in the Dayton area, Dr. Halasz.