Dayton Tooth Implants for Local Hobbyist

A recent patient of ours was unable to find the tooth that he had knocked out of his mouth when he slipped and fell on an oil slick in his garage that he hadn’t realized was still wet. The rest of his family hadn’t gotten home yet and he just figured he was lucky that he hadn’t knocked himself out as he called his friend, whom he had remembered received some of the best tooth implants Dayton offered, but he couldn’t remember which Dayton dentist his friend had gone to.

His friend told him that he had gone to Dr. Halasz to have his tooth implants, and that everything was taken care of with speed and professionalism. Our soon-to-be patient was convinced from then on that he should call our office to have his injury cared for.

They were able to get into the office fairly quickly and Dr. Halasz had some options for tooth implants that looked good and could be added easily. These options were actually more affordable than what the patient had thought they would be. It would be a customized implant that could fit easily into the place where their original tooth had been and would look pretty natural.

Once Dr. Halasz put in the new tooth implant, He had a whole new smile that drew compliments from his friends. Pretty soon, the story of how he had gotten the implant was all over his office and he told all his friends about how Dr. Halasz had helped him replace the tooth he had lost with a good-looking new implant. Although his friends did tease him a little bit about looking out for dangerous oil spills in his garage, it was a relief that he never actually missed the tooth he had knocked out and Dr. Halasz could quickly replace it with an aesthetically appealing tooth implant that was safe and reliable.