Dayton Teeth Whitening Service for Excited Legal Pro

A Dayton lawyer recently became a partner at his firm. This was a big accomplishment for the lawyer, and he wanted to impress the new higher ups that he would be regularly rubbing with, so he called Dr. Halasz to see if he could have excellent teeth whitening Dayton residents could use to look and feel spectacular. We made the attorney his appointment, and he arrived ready to look great. Dr. Halasz examined his teeth, and the patient and Dr. Halasz went over the teeth whitening options. The patient selected his shade, which was two shades brighter than his current teeth are, and Dr. Halasz started the first session with the patient.

Dr. Halasz met with the patient for the second, and last treatment, and when he was finished the patient’s teeth was sparkling. He showed him his teeth, and he said, “Wow, remarkable job Dr. Halasz”. He said he can’t believe how great his teeth look, and that it only took two appointments to get his teeth looking so amazing. The attorney went back to work and everyone is almost as impressed with this lawyer’s success as they are with his smile. He told his close friends and coworkers that he went to have the best teeth whitening Dayton professionals could appreciate, which was Dr. Halasz. The lawyer is feeling great with his new position in the firm, and now has added confidence to perform in excellence, because he had teeth whitening performed by Dr. Halasz.