Dayton Dental Crowns Fixes Hard Candy Mishap

The dental office of Michael Halasz was contacted by a Dayton man. The man did not have as many visitors to his house this past Halloween and ended up eating a lot of the candy he bought for the trick or treaters. He was watching football one evening and bit into a piece of hard candy when one of his teeth chipped slightly. This immediately frightened him because he didn’t want to walk around with a chip tooth and he didn’t want to damage any of his other teeth. He called Dr. Halasz to have one of the best dental crowns in Dayton so that his oral health would be preserved.

We scheduled the patient as an emergency visit because the patient seemed upset and concerned. This would allow the patient to come in the same day. He arrived at the office and our friendly staff took him back immediately so Dr. Halasz could take a look at his chipped tooth. Dr. Halasz and his staff was able to easily set the man up with dental crowns, but warned him not to eat so much candy in the future! The patient told Dr. Halasz that he didn’t have to worry about that because he is done eating hard candy again. The staff set the patient up with another appointment, so he could start his dental crown procedure. The patient said he is so fortunate to find the best dental crowns provider in Dayton with Dr. Halasz.