Dayton Cosmetic Dentists Service New Patient’s Goals

The office of Dr. Halasz received a call from a data analyst. The data analyst was looking to improve his smile as a part of his New Year’s resolution. He had been wanting his smile to look better for some time, but figured 2016 was the year that he was going to make this resolution come true. He called Dr. Halasz for one of the best cosmetic dentists Dayton had to offer, and was very glad he did.

The receptionist made a convenient appointment for the patient and he arrived ten minutes before his appointment, so he could fill out all the paperwork. When he had his paperwork completed, he was escorted back where he met Dr. Halasz. Dr. Halasz looked over his teeth and the patient explained that he wanted to have a wonderful smile. Dr. Halasz let him know that he would indeed get that smile. They took x-rays of the patient’s teeth, then Dr. Halasz offered cosmetic dentistry options for the patient. The patient took the advice and started the procedures. The patient was so glad that he could receive complete cosmetic dentistry and is looking forward to the smile that he would soon have, thanks to Dr. Halasz, the best cosmetic dentists in Dayton. The man has already had two appointments and has already noticed a difference with his teeth. What has really impressed the patient is that all the work that has been done has been pain free and the office accepted his insurance.