Cosmetic Dental fix in Springboro, OH

We received a call from a patient who wanted to have a broken tooth repaired. The patient had broken her tooth while playing a sports game the previous evening, and wanted to have it repaired quickly. As a top Springboro Cosmetic Dentist, we were able to fit the patient in at the end of the day. She arrived holding her hand over her mouth, because she was embarrassed with the broken tooth. We took her back to see Dr. Halasz, and he let her know that he could repair the tooth with a dental crown. The dental crown would be comfortable and would match her remaining tooth. The patient said, “Let’s start the crown”. Dr. Halasz took an impression of the broken tooth, then made a temporary crown to put over the broken tooth, so the patient would be comfortable until the permanent would be made. The patient returned a week later and Dr. Halasz applied the permanent dental crown. Within twenty minutes the dental crown was in place and we had a happy patient.

If you have a broken tooth or missing teeth, then a dental crown may be an excellent option for you. Contact Dr. Halasz and his staff today, so we can see how we can bring your smile back. We have been the cosmetic dentist specialist in Springboro for over twenty years. We thrive on providing dental options for our patients. Contact Dr. Halasz dental office today to schedule a consultation for all your dental needs.