Commercial Appearance Calls for Expert Dayton Cosmetic Dentist

The dental office of Dr. Halasz received a call from a Dayton restaurant owner a few weeks ago. The restaurant owner was planning on doing a television commercial for his restaurants. This was a big deal to the restaurant owner, because not only was this his first commercial, but he was sinking a lot of money into the commercial in hopes to draw attention and added customers to his business. He called us because he wanted services from only the top cosmetic dentists Dayton had to offer, and Dr. Halasz’s name was the cosmetic dentist that was being said over and over to him to contact.

We made the patient an appointment, and he arrived just before the scheduled time so he could meet us. He seemed realy excited and we were very glad to have him. We escorted him back, so Dr. Halasz could look over his teeth, and see what he could do to help his smile be perfect for his commercial. The patients teeth was in good shape, but since the patient enjoyed his coffee all day long his teeth needed to be cleaned thoroughly, then Dr. Halasz offered him teeth whitening that would make his teeth sparkle. The patient agreed, and together they selected a shade that wouldn’t be overwhelming, but just perfect for the patient. In just under a week the patient’s teeth looked amazing. He went to see Dr. Halasz after he did his commercial, and he just wanted to thank him for doing such a fabulous job because his smile looked terrific on the small screen. His commercial also turned out great, and it was a total success.