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Patients in Ohio want a Springboro cosmetic dentist who can provide a comfortable, painless, and provide full dental care. Dr. Halasz is that cosmetic dentist. Dr. Halasz provides superior cosmetic dentistry to Springboro, Ohio residents, which include porcelain veneers, dental bonding and implants. He is the choice that patients can depend on for complex restorative dental problems and cosmetic issues.

Our Top Dental Services:

Springboro, OhioIf you are suffering with crocked, discolored, cracked or chipped teeth, then porcelain veneers is a treatment that Dr. Halasz provides that will correct the appearance of your teeth. Porcelain veneers are a thin porcelain shell that will permanently cover the front surface of teeth. They provide a natural and attractive smile.

If you have teeth that are cracked or chipped, or maybe you have metal fillings, then dental bonding is an excellent cosmetic procedure that Dr. Halasz provides. Dental bonding is an affordable solution for any imperfections of teeth, and can usually be done in one office visit.

If you are suffering with missing teeth, then dental implants can provide an optimal solution. Dental implants are permanent. This procedure will prevent bone loss, which often occurs with missing teeth, and allows you to chew properly, strengthens your jawbone and bite, and provides a healthier mouth. Dr. Halasz has extensive experience performing dental implants.

Springboro, Ohio

Springboro, Ohio was founded by Jonathan Wright in 1815. The name was “Springborough”. Springboro was known as being Quaker during the early years. Springboro is a thriving community that was ranked as “The 42nd Best Places to Live in America”, by Money magazine. Residents and visitors enjoy visiting the 1911 Wright B Flyer Museum. At the museum you can get a chance to fly in a unique and rare aircraft. Another exciting place to visit in Springboro is the La Comedia Dinner Theater. The La Comedia Dinner Theater is one of the largest professional dinner theaters in the country that offers Broadway productions. The theater opened in 1975, and guests are served dinner before the show starts.

Dr. Halasz is a big fan of the La Comedia Dinner Theater. He loves comedy clubs, Broadway theater shows, and sports. Dr. Halasz dedicates his time to providing Springboro residents with quality cosmetic dentistry. If you need dental care, then contact the office today.

We are The Springboro Cosmetic Dentists of Choice!

A recent college graduate was going home for the holidays. With his new job that he just landed he wanted to get serviced by one of the best cosmetic dentists Springboro had to offer, so he contacted the office of Dr. Michael Halas to get his teeth looking great for his family and new job. The staff at Dr. Halasz’s office was able to set up the dental appointment for the graduate, which was set around his busy schedule.

The man arrived at the office and was immediately taken back to see Dr. Halasz. Dr. Halasz recommended having the patient’s teeth cleaned and whitened, which would make his smile nice and pleasant. The patient agreed and Dr. Halasz started the procedures. It didn’t take long before the graduate had all his procedures completed by Dr. Halasz. Dr. Halasz and his professional staff was able to help the graduate get his appearance ready for the big family get together and for his new job that he landed. When he arrived at his family’s home for the holidays he started receiving compliments on how beautiful his teeth looked. Many of the family members was impressed to know that he had went to the best cosmetic dentist in Springboro, which was Dr. Halasz. He told all of his family members if they need any cosmetic dentistry done, then to contact Dr. Halasz, because they work around your schedule and provide you with a comfortable atmosphere, so you receive the best cosmetic dentistry in Springboro.

Personal Trainer Boosts Confidence with Excellent Springboro Professional Teeth Whitening

Our local offices deal with all types of new patients on a daily basis with our services for high quality teeth whitening Springboro residents need to have provided to them. With this said, we recently came across a new patient who was a personal trainer. His physique was perfect, he was in great shape and had a great attitude, but he drank coffee regularly resulting in the yellowing of his teeth. Not only did this distract from his business and client base, but he was also having a hard time meeting Ms. Right because of this issue.

He came into our offices for a teeth whitening consultation, and was pleased with what we could offer to him. Not only did we get his teeth to look exceptionally white after only one treatment session, but his clientele noticed a great deal of difference in his demeanor, as well as in his smile immediately. It helped attract new clients, and it eventually did draw in Ms. Right after he had the procedure done in our offices. In fact, he met his future wife soon after we performed our services for the trainer.

We are the top local dental office in the area, and we can provide excellent whitening services for you as well. For patients who are looking for a great change in their appearance and smile, we can deliver it in as little as one treatment when you visit our offices. We are pleased that we were able to assist this personal trainer in helping improve his smile. It did not only help improve his business, and help him to attract more clients due to a change in his positive attitude, it also allowed him to meet his (now) wife, which makes our work all the more satisfying.

Springboro Dental Crowns Help Teenager Save Face

A mother brought her teenager into the office of Dr. Halasz. The teenager had chipped teeth, which was a result of a recent skateboarding accident. The mother was very concerned with the chipped teeth, and the teenager didn’t want to walk around in public with a scary-looking mouth. The mother expressed that she wanted the chipped teeth repaired quickly, because she didn’t want her teenage son to start getting discouraged or depressed.

Dr. Halasz looked over the chipped teeth, then set him up with dental crowns Springboro residents would not be able to even guess were there. The dental crowns would provide the teenager with sturdy and pleasant teeth, but also confidence that the teenager needed. The dental crowns would restore the chipped teeth and would match the adjacent teeth, so nobody would ever notice that the dental crowns weren’t the original front teeth. The dental crowns were done within just a couple visits, and the skateboarding kid was glad when the dental crowns were done. The teenager didn’t have to suffer any embarrassment before the school year started, and the mother was amazed on how the dental crowns matched the other teeth. Dr. Halasz is the dental crowns Springboro specialist. Dr. Halasz can generally have dental crowns applied in one to two visits, which is wonderful for patients who have chipped teeth due to an accident. Dr. Halasz understands that everyone wants a nice smile, and dental crowns are effective in doing that and much more.

Springboro Teeth Whitening Gives Local Alum Confidence

A Springboro resident contacted the office. She was invited to give a speech at the Springboro High School graduation commencement ceremony. She was thrilled that she was invited to give a speech, but she was worried about her teeth. She was wondering who could provide the teeth whitening Springboro residents like her need. Her teeth were yellowed and stained, and she was not comfortable or had the self-confidence she wanted due to the appearance of her teeth.

The patient arrived at the office, and Dr. Halasz and his team looked over her teeth. Dr. Halasz would be able to correct the staining with the teeth whitening treatment called Zoom! Zoom! would be able to get her teeth whiter up to six shades in just one treatment. This would be an excellent option, so she could do her speech at the graduation and ceremony. The patient would have the confidence to deliver her speech without fear.

Dr. Halasz started the Zoom! whitening procedure for the patient, and by the end of the procedure the patient’s teeth was the shade that she wanted. The teeth whitening treatment is safe, affordable, and provide the quick results that the patient needed. The patient was able to give her speech and inspire the Springboro High School graduates.

Dr. Halasz was able to provide the teeth whitening in the same week for the patient. He stepped in and met all the patients’ expectations. Dr. Halasz thrives on providing self-confidence and enhancing smiles for all his patients.

Cosmetic Dental fix in Springboro, OH

We received a call from a patient who wanted to have a broken tooth repaired. The patient had broken her tooth while playing a sports game the previous evening, and wanted to have it repaired quickly. As a top Springboro Cosmetic Dentist, we were able to fit the patient in at the end of the day. She arrived holding her hand over her mouth, because she was embarrassed with the broken tooth. We took her back to see Dr. Halasz, and he let her know that he could repair the tooth with a dental crown. The dental crown would be comfortable and would match her remaining tooth. The patient said, “Let’s start the crown”. Dr. Halasz took an impression of the broken tooth, then made a temporary crown to put over the broken tooth, so the patient would be comfortable until the permanent would be made. The patient returned a week later and Dr. Halasz applied the permanent dental crown. Within twenty minutes the dental crown was in place and we had a happy patient.

If you have a broken tooth or missing teeth, then a dental crown may be an excellent option for you. Contact Dr. Halasz and his staff today, so we can see how we can bring your smile back. We have been the cosmetic dentist specialist in Springboro for over twenty years. We thrive on providing dental options for our patients. Contact Dr. Halasz dental office today to schedule a consultation for all your dental needs.