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The cosmetic dentist in Oakwood, Ohio that patients can depend on is Dr. Halasz. Dr. Halasz is a cosmetic dentist who specializes in porcelain veneers, dental implants, and bonding. He understands that having a pleasant and painless experience will provide results for his patients. He has been providing personalized cosmetic dentist care for nearly thirty years.

Top Procedures:

Oakwood Ohio

Dental implants are a durable and advanced solution for patients who suffer with missing teeth. Dental implants are stable. They are surgically inserted into the jawbone, and will precisely replace missing teeth.

Dental bonding is an excellent solution for cracked and chipped teeth. The dental bonding is also an affordable solution, because it can be performed within one office visit.

Porcelain veneer treatments corrects cracked, chipped, crooked, and discolored teeth. Porcelain veneers are a thin shell made of porcelain that cover the front surface of the defective teeth. They will attach to the natural teeth. Porcelain veneers will provide a natural smile.

Oakwood, Ohio

Oakwood, Ohio is a small city that has a population of nearly 10,000. The “Father of Oakwood” is John Henry Patterson, who is also the founder of the National Cash Register Corp. There are many places to see in Oakwood. The Hawthorn Hill home was built in 1914. The Runnymede Playhouse was an entertainment center and social club for Oakwood during World War II, and is a must see in Oakwood. The Carillon Brewing Company dates back to the early 1850’s. This is an excellent place to experience the brewing company. They offer beer, wine, cider, and dining too. Oakwood, Ohio may be a small town, but is big in adventure.

Dr. Halasz is the cosmetic dentist that Oakwood, Ohio can depend upon. He gives each patient a personalized solution for all cosmetic dentist issues. Contact his office today for all your dental needs.

Cosmetic Dentist in Oakwood Weighs In on Charcoal Toothpaste

Activated charcoal is one of the latest health trends in foods and also in dental care products. Though it may sound strange to brush your teeth with a black paste, charcoal toothpaste has become a hot trend. But does it actually whiten your teeth? Is charcoal toothpaste good for your teeth? Your local Dayton, OH area cosmetic dentist, Michael H. Halasz, DDS, and his colleagues have some thoughts about this latest trend.

First of all, there is no substitute for proper oral care. Before you turn to “natural” dental care products with activated charcoal, consult a trusted cosmetic dentist in your area. At the dental office of Michael H. Halasz, DDS, we know for sure that whiter teeth start with clean, healthy teeth, so Dayton area patients need to get professional oral care before considering these products. Luckily, we offer the full range of dental care.

Cosmetic Dental Services Offered in the Dayton, OH Area

  • Extraction
  • Braces
  • Retainers
  • Implants
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • 3D scans

Benefits of Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

Before we start warning you off using these products, let’s acknowledge that there are some health benefits to activated charcoal. According to a WebMD article about activated charcoal, it binds to drugs and toxins, helping to “rid the body of unwanted substances.” However, this is in reference to taking activated charcoal internally. Users claim that charcoal in toothpaste removes toxins as well as stains in the tooth enamel, but that’s not the full story.

Risks of Charcoal Toothpaste

While activated charcoal can be useful in certain situations, the risks of using it in toothpaste come from several factors, including:

Abrasiveness – The small particles of charcoal can be more abrasive than other types of toothpaste, wearing away enamel and possibly damaging delicate gum tissue.

Lack of fluoride – Cosmetic dentists have sworn by the ability of fluoride to whiten and strengthen tooth enamel for decades, but many natural toothpastes don’t contain it.

Stomach issues – Overuse of activated charcoal has been shown to cause constipation and over-absorption of beneficial bacteria and medications.

Unknown efficacy – There are a lack of medical studies about how activated charcoal use affects the body, as well as about the tooth whitening effects of charcoal. In short, we’re not sure if it works to whiten teeth.

Taste and staining – Another problem with charcoal toothpaste is that it often leaves lingering odor and black particles in the mouth, and some users even have to brush with a fluoride toothpaste afterwards!

When it comes to tooth whitening, nothing beats a visit to a cosmetic dentist. Professional teeth whitening processes have been studied, vetted, and proven to remove stains and promote healthy tooth enamel. And your cosmetic dentist can also help you get your teeth healthy, which keeps them whiter for longer.

If you’re looking for a whiter, healthier smile in the Dayton, OH area, know that Michael H. Halasz, DDS and his staff are there for you. They are fully trained in all kinds of dentistry from teeth whitening all the way to root canals and orthodontic care. And we’re always welcoming new patients! Contact us today for an appointment.

Oakwood Cosmetic Dentist Sought by New Business Owner

Recently, the dental office of Dr. Halasz was contacted by a landscape designer. The landscape designer had just started their own firm and wanted to make a good impression with any potential new clients that he might have. He went to his favorite Oakwood cosmetic dentist, Dr. Halasz, who set up the landscaper with services that would give him a great smile.

The dental office greeted the patient when he arrived for his cosmetic dentistry. Our friendly staff took the patient back and Dr. Halasz examined his teeth thoroughly, then offered him options that would provide him with the results that he wanted to receive. Dr. Halasz told the patient that porcelain veneers would provide him with the smile and confidence that he was wanting and that veneers is a popular procedure that we perform on a daily basis. The patient agreed and the procedure was started. The veneers would improve his smile, and they would repair any chipped teeth. The veneers were applied and now the patient really has a reason to smile. His teeth look fantastic and the dental work was done pain-free, which is what our office thrives on providing. The patient contacted the office after all the work was applied just to say thank you. He said that he now has the confidence to talk to new clients at his new firm and seems to be smiling more and more each day. This is all because Dr. Halasz is the best cosmetic dentist Oakwood professionals can depend upon for a great smile.

We Provide Complete Services for Oakwood Cosmetic Dentistry

A patient contacted Dr. Halasz and his staff about cosmetic dentistry. The patient was a professional salesman who had many daily face-to-face interactions. He was self conscious about his smile because his teeth were crooked. He wanted to see what his options were for cosmetic dentistry in Oakwood. The patient informed the doctor that he didn’t like to smile, and he would cover his mouth in public due to his crooked teeth. When the patient arrived Dr. Halasz looked over his teeth and recommended using Invisalign. Invisalign is an excellent option for crooked front teeth. They are natural looking, and can be applied directly to the teeth that are crooked.

The patient agreed to go with invisalign because he had done his research on what might be available for the services of cosmetic dentistry Oakwood has to offer. He was relieved that the procedure wouldn’t take forever. When the patient was finished with the procedure schedule, he was so happy with the cosmetic dentistry that he had the remainder of his teeth whitened. The patient had increased confidence with his cosmetic dentistry, and said his sales has skyrocketed due to his increased confidence.

Dr. Halasz and his staff offers a variety of options of cosmetic dentistry services. We make each patient feel comfortable. We don’t rush our patients, but give them the personal one-on-one service that each patient deserves. We want every patient to have self-confidence with their smile, and our cosmetic dentistry can provide self-confidence, self-esteem, and much more. We are pleased that we were able to assist this patient with his smile and confidence.

Best Oakwood Cosmetic Dentist is a Perk of Being Home

We received a call from a woman seeking teeth whitening. She explained that she was a recent college graduate, and had been teaching English in a foreign country for a year. She was back home now and before moving on to another job she wanted to first find a solid cosmetic dentist in Oakwood for a teeth cleaning. Being abroad mean that she didn’t had a good situation to seek dental care. She hadn’t been to the dentist in a year, and she could tell that by looking at her teeth. We understood her concerns and scheduled her an appointment with the cosmetic dentist Oakwood professionals contact for their teeth whitening and cleaning.

The patient arrived, and Dr. Halasz examined her teeth and gums. He said he was pleased that her teeth and gums were healthy. He went over his teeth whitening options, and she picked the shade that she wanted for her teeth. Dr. Halasz had her teeth whitened to her choice within just a few days. The patient was thrilled that her teeth looked so white when he was done, and she said that the staff at Dr. Halasz dental clinic were so nice and welcoming. She hopes that she doesn’t have to wait another year to have her teeth cleaned or whitened again, because she is a coffee drinker. She said she will make sure that she comes to the cosmetic dentist Oakwood professional to see Dr. Halasz and his wonderful staff.

Dental Crowns in Oakwood Keep Food Lover Happy

An Oakwood roofer contacted us about a couple of teeth that he had chipped. The roofer absolutely loved ribs. He loved them so much that he ate them almost every week, but one week he bit into a bone too hard. That is when he chipped a couple of his teeth. When we heard about it we felt very sorry for the poor fellow and encouraged him to come in for an office visit. He wanted to see if he could get into the office as soon as he could, because he didn’t want to walk around with chipped teeth. Our staff was able to get him in the following morning. The patient arrived, and we took him back to take a look at his teeth. Dr. Halasz examined the teeth thoroughly, and suggested the patient get dental crowns. The dental crowns would restore the chipped teeth without being too invasive, and our dental office would be able to make the crowns in just one appointment. Dr. Halasz let the patient know that the dental crowns can last him for a very long time too.

The patient was thrilled with the news. Dr. Halasz set him up with some Oakwood dental crowns that would hold up to his pork habit, which was important for the patient. Dr. Halasz started the procedure. It ended up being fast, painless, and easy. He was able to do the procedures without losing any work, either. The roofer is enjoying his new dental crowns, but most importantly he is still eating his favorite ribs each week!

Oakwood Root Canal for Mother in Dire Need

The dental office of Dr. Halasz received a call from a busy, single mom, who needed one of the most effective root canals Oakwood could provide her. The single mom had been experiencing a toothache that she had neglected for way too long, because of her packed schedule. The busy single mom had been dealing with the toothache for a very long time, but she seemed to never take the time to take care of it. The toothache was now getting to the point where she was getting short and snappy with her children, even when they didn’t deserve it (though they were mostly well-behaved). The pain was getting so intense that she needed to be seen by Dr. Halasz as soon as possible, and the receptionist was able to get the single mom in the same day, because of the urgent toothache.

The single mom met with Dr. Halasz that afternoon, and Dr. Halasz looked over the tooth, and recommended an urgent root canal, which he was able to perform quickly. Dr. Halasz understands that a toothache can alter the emotions and actions of an individual, and Dr. Halasz wanted to relieve this toothache pain for the single mom, so she could get back to being the patient and understanding mom that she normally is. The root canal was performed for the single mom, and the single mom is now pain free. Dr. Halasz was happy to assist in this near-emergency, and the kids are glad that their mom isn’t suffering and have been extra well-behaved for the past few months.

Porcelain Veneers Change appearance for Oakwood woman

One of our patients called the dental office to schedule an appointment to see if they could have veneers. The patient had been a patient for a short time, and we was glad to get her in quickly. (Click for more on Oakwood Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Halasz) The patient arrived, and wanted to see if Dr. Halasz thought that veneers would help the appearance of her teeth. Her teeth and gums were in good health, but the teeth had become stained over the years. Dr. Halasz was happy that she was interested in dental veneers, because the thin shell of porcelain would definitely brighten the stained teeth, and the patient could pick the shade that she wanted for her smile.

Dr. Halasz took a mold of the teeth, so the dental veneers could be precisely made. The patient would return a week later, and Dr. Halasz would gently buff down the teeth, then apply the veneers. The dental veneers procedure is usually done in two visits. The patient arrived anxiously as scheduled, and Dr. Halasz applied the veneers, then showed the patient her new and beautiful smile. The patient was overjoyed with the appearance of her new smile.

If your smile is stained, or you have broken or chipped teeth, then you may be interested in having dental veneer therapy for your teeth. Dr. Halasz and his staff can have your teeth looking great within two visits. Contact the dental office of Dr. Halasz today, so we can schedule you a consultation with Dr. Halasz.

Oakwood Cosmetic Dentists Help Take Pressure off Stressed Mother

A mom was traveling with her kids to visit her in-laws and she didn’t want to hear any passive aggressive comments from her in-laws, which seemed to always happen when she took her kids to visit them. She made sure that they all paid a visit to one of the most accomplished Oakwood cosmetic dentists, Dr. Halasz.

The mom arrived at the office with her kids and Dr. Halasz examined each child. The children’s teeth and gums were very healthy as the mother made sure to make sure that her kid’s teeth were taken care of, but she always got worried when she knew she was having a visit with her in-laws. He said that there was no need to worry about their teeth, because they were always in the office for their regular teeth checkups and when there was a problem he could took care of it. Dr. Halasz assured her that her children’s healthy gums and extremely white teeth would impress anyone, even certain family members with high expectations. The mother had a sigh of relief when she left Dr. Halasz’s dental office and the family headed to the relatives’ for their visit. When they arrived the first thing the grandmother said was, “Wow, your teeth looks so bright and great.” The mother had a smile on her face, because she knew that she took her kids to Dr. Halasz the professional cosmetic dentists Oakwood mothers depend upon for the highest quality of care for their family.