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Kettering, Ohio patients can have the smile that they have always dreamed of when they go to Dr. Michael H. Halasz, DDS. Dr. Halasz specializes in root canals, teeth whitening, and cosmetic dentistry Kettering patients depend on to keep their smiles beautiful. All patients will receive the utmost quality of dentistry with Dr. Halasz dental treatments. 

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Dr. Halasz is a member of the American Board of Endodontics, and is highly qualified to perform all of your dentistry needs.

Kettering, Ohio

The Cosmetic Dentistry Kettering patients trust is Dr. HalaszKettering, Ohio is the largest suburb in Dayton, and has a population of 56,163. John Patterson was one of the first settlers. He was a farmer, and in 1798 he built the first log cabin here. Kettering, Ohio was incorporated in 1952. Kettering is known for its beautiful parks. There are twenty one parks around the city. One of the favorite parks is the Pondview Park. The Pondview Park has a pond, nature trail, benches, and picnic shelters. You can go fishing and have a picnic in one of the most beautiful parks in the city.

The Kettering Ice Arena is an excellent place for everyone in the family. The ice arena is open from September and continues to stay open throughout May. You can get private ice skating lessons, or just enjoy an afternoon of skating. The Rosewood Arts Center has over 100,000 visitors each year. The Rosewood Arts Center has an art gallery, exhibits, and an annual Arts on the Commons Festival each year. If you are visiting Kettering, then you should stop by the Rosewood Arts Center to see the local art that is featured here.

Dr. Halasz is the Endodontic root canal specialist in Kettering, Ohio. He has the experience and qualifications it needs to provide excellent dental services. Dr. Michael Halasz offers complete cosmetic dental treatments and general dental treatments. If you are nervous or anxious about dental care, then you can put your fears to rest, because Dr. Halasz and his staff will provide you with a painless treatment and a comfortable environment. 

Illustrator Uses Our Kettering Dental Office to Impress Colleagues

An illustrator contacted the dental office of Dr. Halasz last month. The illustrator had just joined an agency and starting receiving great health benefits. One of the benefits that he received was dental insurance, which is something that he hadn’t had in several years. He used his insurance at the start of the New Year to inquire about the best dental office Kettering had to offer, which was Dr. Halasz’s dental office. He was so happy to be bale to see a dentist regularly again.

The illustrator was so glad to go to Dr. Halasz for a cleaning and an initial checkup, which was sorely needed on his part. The patient was quite surprised that he didn’t need more dental work because it had been some time since he was seen by a dentist. The checkup showed no major damages with his teeth and after he received his cleaning he said his teeth and mouth felt wonderful. Now that the patient has dental insurance he has vowed to make sure he keeps his teeth cleaned and his oral health done. The dental office in Kettering is close to his home and work, so going to see Dr. Halasz would be easy to do. He was so thrilled with the dental treatment that he received with Dr. Halasz and his staff that he started telling his family and friends to go there, because you are treated like royalty with this dental office. Dr. Halasz is a companionate and understanding dentists that will help you achieve a great smile quickly and without pain.

Quick Service Needed From Our Kettering Dentists

A snowboarder was enjoying the winter season, but took a spill on the slopes one day and chipped a tooth. When he got back home he went to the Kettering dentists he had always used, and was very glad that Dr. Halasz was able to give him a quality crown. When he called the dental office and explained the situation to the staff we were able to get him in for an appoitnment that same afternoon, which made him very happy.

He arrived at the dental office and the nurse took him back quickly so Dr. Halasz could take a look at the chipped tooth. They took an x-ray of the tooth and Dr. Halasz let the patient know that a dental crown would cover the chipped tooth and also add strength, structure, and appearance to the tooth. The patient was thrilled and Dr. Halasz even put in a temporary crown until the permanent crown was ready. Once the permanent dental crown was ready the patient returned and had the crown set. The young man was thrilled with the outcome of the tooth. He didn’t have to worry about his appearance suffering or an unsightly smile for a very long time, thanks to Dr. Halasz who is the most qualified dentists in Kettering. The patient can smile without worrying about a chipped tooth and can even go back to snowboarding too! The patient was so happy with the services he received with Dr. Halasz he has been posting pictures of his smile on his Instagram.

Dental Office in Kettering Serves Halloween Celebrators

Dr. Halasz and his staff was contacted by concerned parents in Kettering. The parents were concerned that their three kids had come to the age where they could all go trick or treating together and had done so this past Halloween. The children went out that Halloween and received tons of candy from going door to door in their neighborhood. The children came home with an unbelievable amount of candy and immediately started eating all this candy. The parents wanted to schedule an appointment with the Kettering dental office, but wanted to have the kid’s appointment in the same day and within the same amount of time so they wouldn’t have to come to the office several times.

We set the appointment and the kids were brought to the best dental office in Kettering to see Dr. Halasz to make sure their smiles would remain in good health. Dr. Halasz took time with each child to check out their teeth thoroughly. He informed the parents and the children that if they brushed, flossed, and limited the amount of candy they ate each day that they would all have great oral health. The kids of course was  happy because they were afraid that Dr. Halasz would tell them no more candy, because he is a dentist, but they were thrilled that they could enjoy the candy in moderation. Dr. Halasz made sure their smiles would remain in good health and the parents were overjoyed that they had brought their kids to the best dental office Kettering parents could trust.

Kettering Cosmetic Dentists for the Whole Family’s Needs

A Kettering family needed a whole gamut of cosmetic dentistry services. The fifteen year old daughter wanted invisalign, and both of her parents were seeking teeth whitening. Finally, the younger ten year old son needed just a simple cleaning. Each family member needed a different dental service, the family wanted to go to one location that could provide cosmetic dentists Kettering families would trust, and so they contacted the dental office of Dr. Halasz.

The receptionists scheduled the family all together, so Dr. Halasz could see exactly what each family member needed, and fully evaluate their teeth. This was impressive to the parents, because they didn’t have to make four different visits to the office for the entire family to be seen. Each member of the family was seen, and each of their dental services were met with excellent results. They were each very glad to visit one of the best cosmetic dentists Kettering had to offer and were very impressed with Dr. Halasz’s professional dental staff. They were all treated very well, and received scheduled appointments for all their needs after a simple phone call in. The family now has a qualified and compassionate dentist that can meet the needs of this busy family. They are all now receiving the dental treatment that they all want, and they don’t have to travel out of their city to do it. Dr. Halasz is the best cosmetic dentists Kettering can trust for quality services.

Kettering Dental Office Provides Secure Fillings

The dental office of Dr. Halasz got a call from a security guard in Kettering. The security guard was looking for a great dental office in Kettering, because he knew it would be on the way to the job that he had just gotten. He didn’t want to travel out of his way or far when he went to the dentist, and it would be convenient for him to find a dental office on his way to or from work. The receptionist scheduled an appointment with the security guard. He wanted to have the appointment two hours before he had to go to work.

The patient came to the office, and we escorted him back so Dr. Halasz could see what dental needs that he had. We did a few x-rays, then Dr. Halasz recommended that he should have two teeth filled after a regular teeth cleaning so his teeth would be healthy and attractive. Within just a few appointments the patient had all his dental work done, and he found Dr. Halasz to be a great guy who also took care of all his dental needs. The patient said that he was glad that he found a dental office close to his Kettering home and workplace, so he didn’t have to worry about being stuck in traffic trying to get to the dentist. Dr. Halasz and his friendly staff is always here to accommodate all patients. Call us today and schedule an appointment, and it will be our pleasure to assist you in any cosmetic dentistry needs you may have.

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