Cosmetic Dentist – Dayton, Ohio

Dayton, Ohio individuals can have the smile they have always wanted to with Dr. Michael H. Halasz, DDS. Dr. Halasz is a cosmetic dentist that can improve your smile. Dr. Halasz has been providing Dayton, Ohio patients with only the highest quality of cosmetic dentistry, dental care, and dental procedures, so you can have that smile and confidence you want. Dr. Halasz’s treatments include, but not limited to:

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are an innovative treatment that Dr. Halasz offers. One of the benefits of porcelain veneers is having a natural appearance. This is an excellent option for patients who have crooked, cracked, chipped, or discolored teeth.


Dental bonding is a convenient solution for many teeth imperfections such as chipped, cracked, metal fillings, and discolored teeth. Dental bonding can often be performed in one single office visit. Dr. Halasz will match your natural teeth with a resin, then he will apply the resin to the teeth. The resin will harden with a specialized light that Dr. Halasz uses, then he will polish the tooth to give it that natural appearance that will match your teeth.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an excellent solution for missing teeth. Dental implants are integrated into the jawbone, so they are durable and provide a natural appearance. Dr. Halasz understands that having missing teeth can affect patient’s speech, facial structure, appearance, and confidence.

Dayton, Ohio info and History

Dayton, Ohio has a population of nearly 150,000, and is the sixth largest city in Ohio. The city was incorporated in 1805. Jonathan Dayton owned the land, and the city was named after him. The city’s nickname is “Gem City”, and it is unclear where the name came from. Dayton is the birthplace of the Wright Brothers, and the National Museum of the United States Air Force is located here. There are plenty of things to see and do in this city. The Native American Village, which is over 800 years old or just shopping and dining downtown is just a few exciting things to do in Dayton, Ohio.

Dr. Halasz has been a resident of Dayton, Ohio for over thirty years. He and his family enjoys the many activities that the city has to offer. If you need any cosmetic dentistry done, then he is the dentist to contact. He is dedicated in providing each patient with personal attention. Contact his staff today!

Teeth Whitening Dayton – How To Keep Your Teeth White Between Dentist Visits

Everybody loves a bright smile, right? Coffee, smoking, and aging all cause our teeth to yellow, which can impact self esteem. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry asked people how they wanted to improve their smile, most people said whiter teeth. While there are a ton of tooth whitening products available at the drug store, the safest way to get truly clean, white teeth is to visit your local cosmetic dentist. 

Sadly, it can be hard to find the best cosmetic dentist in your area. Residents of the greater Dayton, OH area have a great cosmetic dentist on their side. The office of Michael H. Halasz, DDS is dedicated to helping their patients get the best dental care available, including cosmetic dental procedures like tooth whitening or veneers. We’re always welcoming new patients who want to get their whitest smile.

Cosmetic Dentist & Teeth Whitening in Dayton, OH Area – Services

  • Cleaning
  • Whitening
  • Veneers
  • Bridges
  • Crowns

How To Keep Your Teeth White Between Dentist Visits

While there’s no substitute for a professional whitening procedure at your dentist’s office, there are plenty of things you can do at home to prevent and reduce tooth stains. The staff at the office of Michael H. Halasz, DDS have these tips to keep their Dayton area neighbors smiling bright.

Quite Using Tobacco

The main source of tooth staining is tobacco products, whether that’s cigarettes, pouches, or chewing tobacco. The nicotine and tar in tobacco leaves leaches into tiny pores in the surface enamel of your teeth, leaving yellow and brown stains. Visiting a cosmetic dentist for professional teeth whitening is the only way to remove tobacco stains.

Change Your Eating Habits

A good rule of thumb when it comes to of tooth-staining foods is that if a food will stain a white shirt, it’ll stain tooth enamel. This list includes coffee, tea, and red wine, but also foods rich in pigments like blueberries. Acidic foods, while rich in vitamins, can also weaken tooth enamel, leading to easier staining. Sugary foods and drinks like soda lead to tooth decay, which causes discoloration.

Keep Up a Good Oral Hygiene Routine

Of course the best way to keep your teeth not only white but healthy is to use good oral hygiene practices. Healthy teeth are naturally whiter and stay whiter over the long term, so taking care of your teeth by brushing, flossing, and rinsing every day will keep them healthy.

Go See a Trusted Cosmetic Dentist

Even if you follow every single one of these tips to the letter, aging can cause tooth discoloration too. You may be tempted to buy some of the many OTC tooth whitening products, but they can often cause more harm than good by weakening tooth enamel. The only surefire way to get a sparkling bright smile is to visit your dentist for professional tooth whitening.

In Montgomery County and surrounding areas, Michael H. Halasz, DDS is the most trusted cosmetic dentist for people who want professional tooth whitening. That doesn’t mean our staff isn’t trained in all kinds of dental and orthodontic care. Not only can we whiten your smile, we can improve your dental health. Call us today to set up an appointment.

Patient Has Reinvigorated Smile After Getting a Veneer in Dayton

The office of Dr. Halasz was contacted by a man in Dayton. The man is a retired musician who explained that he had not taken great care of his teeth during the touring days, and he had chipped and damaged some of his teeth while eating an apple recently. He was needing to have a great veneer in Dayton, so he called Dr. Halasz’s office. The staff sympathized with the patient and was able to get him in to see Dr. Halasz that afternoon.

The patient arrived a bit early and explained to the staff that he was very nervous. The friendly staff helped ease his fears and helped him easily and effectively. Dr. Halasz met with the patient after a couple of x-rays were performed. Dr. Halasz let the patient know that he would be a good candidate for veneers and would have the procedure done within just a couple of appointments, which pleased the patient. Less than two weeks later the patient had finished his last veneer procedure, and there was a smile on his face from ear to ear. The patient said he was so happy that he came to Dr. Halasz, because he received the best veneer in Dayton. The patient also said that he will take care of his teeth now and he has many reasons to smile. He said he has never had such a beautiful smile before in his entire life, and he owes it all to the Dr. Halasz and his staff.

Dayton Cosmetic Dentists Service New Patient’s Goals

The office of Dr. Halasz received a call from a data analyst. The data analyst was looking to improve his smile as a part of his New Year’s resolution. He had been wanting his smile to look better for some time, but figured 2016 was the year that he was going to make this resolution come true. He called Dr. Halasz for one of the best cosmetic dentists Dayton had to offer, and was very glad he did.

The receptionist made a convenient appointment for the patient and he arrived ten minutes before his appointment, so he could fill out all the paperwork. When he had his paperwork completed, he was escorted back where he met Dr. Halasz. Dr. Halasz looked over his teeth and the patient explained that he wanted to have a wonderful smile. Dr. Halasz let him know that he would indeed get that smile. They took x-rays of the patient’s teeth, then Dr. Halasz offered cosmetic dentistry options for the patient. The patient took the advice and started the procedures. The patient was so glad that he could receive complete cosmetic dentistry and is looking forward to the smile that he would soon have, thanks to Dr. Halasz, the best cosmetic dentists in Dayton. The man has already had two appointments and has already noticed a difference with his teeth. What has really impressed the patient is that all the work that has been done has been pain free and the office accepted his insurance.

Dayton Teeth Whitening Requested by Job Seeker

A senior in college was worried about nearly every aspect of the job seeking process once he was done with school. His friends told him that it was getting harder and harder to get a job even after receiving a college degree. He thought about what he could do to improve his chances of landing a job. One of the things he thought would be an easy confidence booster would be improving his smile. He wanted to get the best teeth whitening Dayton had to offer before he graduated.He went to set up an appointment with Dr. Halasz, and had no trouble receiving these services.

He remarked on how the staff at Dr. Halasz was so friendly and kind when he arrived for his first appointment. Dr. Halasz checked out the patient’s teeth and said he would be an excellent candidate for teeth whitening, because his teeth and gums were in great condition. Dr. Halasz showed the patient the level of whitening shades the patient could receive and he selected to have the teeth whitened two shades. Dr. Halasz let the patient know that he could have it all done for him in just a couple of visits. The college student has now had his teeth whitening completed and has more confidence and is not having any trouble getting interviews. He knows that one of the interviews will be calling him soon to hire him for a job. He said he wouldn’t have been able to do this if it wouldn’t have been for Dr. Halasz and the best teeth whitening Dayton job seekers appreciate.

Fall Tooth Damage Requires Dayton Root Canals

A teenager drank too much soda and ate a lot of candy this past Halloween. He was really overindulging in the sugary drinks and sweets. One night the teenager woke up with a throbbing toothache and he started to complain about the toothache to his mother. She called the office of Dr. Halasz to see if they could fit him in as soon as possible. The receptionist did just that and asked the mother and son to come in just a few hours later.

The staff took the young man back and started doing x-rays. Dr. Halasz came in after the x-rays were complete, then looked at his teeth. Dr. Halasz concluded the high schooler would need two Dayton root canals in order to not have a complete extraction. The high schooler was happy because he thought that he would have to have one of his teeth pulled. The mother told Dr. Halasz that she had been nagging at her son for quite some time about eating and drinking too many sugary products. She said maybe now he will listen to her. She asked Dr. Halasz to start the root canals, which he did. The teenager is happy that he is getting quality root canals in Dayton that will prevent him from losing any of his teeth thanks to Dr. Halasz and his professional dental staff. It’s been a couple of weeks since the procedure had been performed and the family is back to their normal routine, though the kid isn’t eating as many sweets as before.

Dayton Dental Crowns Fixes Hard Candy Mishap

The dental office of Michael Halasz was contacted by a Dayton man. The man did not have as many visitors to his house this past Halloween and ended up eating a lot of the candy he bought for the trick or treaters. He was watching football one evening and bit into a piece of hard candy when one of his teeth chipped slightly. This immediately frightened him because he didn’t want to walk around with a chip tooth and he didn’t want to damage any of his other teeth. He called Dr. Halasz to have one of the best dental crowns in Dayton so that his oral health would be preserved.

We scheduled the patient as an emergency visit because the patient seemed upset and concerned. This would allow the patient to come in the same day. He arrived at the office and our friendly staff took him back immediately so Dr. Halasz could take a look at his chipped tooth. Dr. Halasz and his staff was able to easily set the man up with dental crowns, but warned him not to eat so much candy in the future! The patient told Dr. Halasz that he didn’t have to worry about that because he is done eating hard candy again. The staff set the patient up with another appointment, so he could start his dental crown procedure. The patient said he is so fortunate to find the best dental crowns provider in Dayton with Dr. Halasz.

Dayton Teeth Whitening Service for Excited Legal Pro

A Dayton lawyer recently became a partner at his firm. This was a big accomplishment for the lawyer, and he wanted to impress the new higher ups that he would be regularly rubbing with, so he called Dr. Halasz to see if he could have excellent teeth whitening Dayton residents could use to look and feel spectacular. We made the attorney his appointment, and he arrived ready to look great. Dr. Halasz examined his teeth, and the patient and Dr. Halasz went over the teeth whitening options. The patient selected his shade, which was two shades brighter than his current teeth are, and Dr. Halasz started the first session with the patient.

Dr. Halasz met with the patient for the second, and last treatment, and when he was finished the patient’s teeth was sparkling. He showed him his teeth, and he said, “Wow, remarkable job Dr. Halasz”. He said he can’t believe how great his teeth look, and that it only took two appointments to get his teeth looking so amazing. The attorney went back to work and everyone is almost as impressed with this lawyer’s success as they are with his smile. He told his close friends and coworkers that he went to have the best teeth whitening Dayton professionals could appreciate, which was Dr. Halasz. The lawyer is feeling great with his new position in the firm, and now has added confidence to perform in excellence, because he had teeth whitening performed by Dr. Halasz.

Commercial Appearance Calls for Expert Dayton Cosmetic Dentist

The dental office of Dr. Halasz received a call from a Dayton restaurant owner a few weeks ago. The restaurant owner was planning on doing a television commercial for his restaurants. This was a big deal to the restaurant owner, because not only was this his first commercial, but he was sinking a lot of money into the commercial in hopes to draw attention and added customers to his business. He called us because he wanted services from only the top cosmetic dentists Dayton had to offer, and Dr. Halasz’s name was the cosmetic dentist that was being said over and over to him to contact.

We made the patient an appointment, and he arrived just before the scheduled time so he could meet us. He seemed realy excited and we were very glad to have him. We escorted him back, so Dr. Halasz could look over his teeth, and see what he could do to help his smile be perfect for his commercial. The patients teeth was in good shape, but since the patient enjoyed his coffee all day long his teeth needed to be cleaned thoroughly, then Dr. Halasz offered him teeth whitening that would make his teeth sparkle. The patient agreed, and together they selected a shade that wouldn’t be overwhelming, but just perfect for the patient. In just under a week the patient’s teeth looked amazing. He went to see Dr. Halasz after he did his commercial, and he just wanted to thank him for doing such a fabulous job because his smile looked terrific on the small screen. His commercial also turned out great, and it was a total success.

Dayton Veneer Brings Sparkle to Golden Years

Interested in more recent work regarding a great veneer Dayton has had done? Click here!

We were recently contacted by a retiree who was a bit confused with what to do with herself in her Golden Years. Her only daughter had moved far away for work, and her husband had passed away a few years ago. Betsy felt like she needed to make a change in her life. There was a man named who lived in her building who was always trying to get her attention, but there was an insecurity she felt that prevented her from having much fun. It was her two front teeth. They were so brittle, and a chip had developed in one of them. It must have been due to not getting enough calcium when she was younger. She was horribly embarrassed by it, even though it wasn’t quite as noticeable as she may have thought.  As a result she hardly ever smiled – in fact almost never. Her daughter had suggested that she try out Dr. Halasz, which was only a few miles away from her condo. She decided to give an appointment a shot, thinking it would give her the little confidence boost she needed to start a new chapter.

A few weeks later, after a very uplifting consultation, followed by a thorough exam, our new customer had her veneers put in for her two front teeth. She couldn’t stop looking in the mirror at her teeth. They were beautiful! They looked very natural and they had been specially made to match the rest of her teeth in tint and shape. How amazing! The day after the veneers were put in she strolled down to the indoor pool at her condo. A certain gentleman was there with two of her acquaintances. Our successful veneer patient sat down by the pool, tilted her sun hat up, and smiled like she hadn’t smiled in a decade. For the next hour, she probably got about five compliments on her smile. No one noticed they were veneers, and she was thrilled that she decided to visit one of the best cosmetic dentists in the Dayton area, Dr. Halasz.

Dayton Tooth Implants for Local Hobbyist

A recent patient of ours was unable to find the tooth that he had knocked out of his mouth when he slipped and fell on an oil slick in his garage that he hadn’t realized was still wet. The rest of his family hadn’t gotten home yet and he just figured he was lucky that he hadn’t knocked himself out as he called his friend, whom he had remembered received some of the best tooth implants Dayton offered, but he couldn’t remember which Dayton dentist his friend had gone to.

His friend told him that he had gone to Dr. Halasz to have his tooth implants, and that everything was taken care of with speed and professionalism. Our soon-to-be patient was convinced from then on that he should call our office to have his injury cared for.

They were able to get into the office fairly quickly and Dr. Halasz had some options for tooth implants that looked good and could be added easily. These options were actually more affordable than what the patient had thought they would be. It would be a customized implant that could fit easily into the place where their original tooth had been and would look pretty natural.

Once Dr. Halasz put in the new tooth implant, He had a whole new smile that drew compliments from his friends. Pretty soon, the story of how he had gotten the implant was all over his office and he told all his friends about how Dr. Halasz had helped him replace the tooth he had lost with a good-looking new implant. Although his friends did tease him a little bit about looking out for dangerous oil spills in his garage, it was a relief that he never actually missed the tooth he had knocked out and Dr. Halasz could quickly replace it with an aesthetically appealing tooth implant that was safe and reliable.