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Patients in Centerville, Ohio know that they can depend of Dr. Halasz for all their cosmetic dentistry needs. For over two decades residents who want to improve their smile know Dr. Halasz is the only cosmetic dentist in Centerville to call. Dr. Halasz specializes in porcelain veneers, bonding, and dental implants. He uses state-of-the-art equipment, so patients get the highest quality care.

Top Dental Services in Centerville, OH

Chipped, cracked, crooked or discolored teeth can be corrected with porcelain veneers by Dr. Halasz. Porcelain veneers are a thin porcelain shell that will cover the defective tooth or teeth. They are permanent, and will provide a natural, beautiful smile.

Chipped and cracked teeth or unsightly metal fillings can be corrected with dental bonding by Dr. Halasz. The dental bonding can be performed usually in one office visit, which is why patients prefer. The dental bonding will match your natural teeth, and provide you with a natural smile.

Dental implants are a durable solution for all missing teeth. Dental implants are implanted. They provide stability, durability, and that natural appearance that patients want with their teeth.

Centerville, Ohio -History and tips

Centerville, Ohio was founded in 1796, and has a population of nearly 25,000. Centerville has the largest number of early stone houses in Ohio, and these stone houses have been restored and can be viewed in The Heart of Centerville. The Heart of Centerville is also known for their restaurants, boutiques, and local merchants where visitors and residents enjoy spending the afternoon.

The American Festival is held on the Fourth of July, and thousands of visitors enjoy the parade, fireworks, and festivities. If you would like to see a live show, then The Town Hall Theatre is the place to go. The Town Hall Theatre is over seventy years old, and been a favorite place to visit in Centerville, Ohio.

Dr. Halasz and his family enjoys the many attractions that Centerville, Ohio has to offer. Dr. Halasz has been the cosmetic dentist that Centerville residents call. Contact Dr. Halasz and his knowledgeable staff today for all your cosmetic dentistry needs.

Centerville Teeth Whitening Gives Senior Pic Confidence Boost

A high schooler had gotten a photography session for her senior yearbook scheduled. She wanted to look her best for her last picture at the high school before she graduated. She explained to her parents why she wanted to look her best. She went and purchased a stunning dress, but when she got home to try the dress on she looked in the mirror and knew her smile wasn’t up to par. The student’s mom brought her to Dr. Halasz for the best teeth whitening Centerville has to offer.

The student arrived to the dental office of Dr. Halasz and he looked over her teeth. Dr. Halasz told her that he could whiten her teeth two shades and they would look wonderful, and the patient was glad to hear the good news. The first whitening session took place, and the patient returned back at the office Monday morning and the last session was performed. Her teeth looked great. The student was handed a mirror so she could see how her teeth looked. She said that they looked very nice and she couldn’t wait to get her photos taken. The mother contacted the office just to let us know that her daughter has received so many compliments on her smile since she got the best teeth whitening Centerville students would be happy with. The mother was so impressed that she scheduled to have her teeth whitened as well. She said that her daughter has more confidence now thanks to the best dentist for teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry in Centerville, Dr. Halasz.

A Shared Commitment for Teeth Whitening in Centerville

The other day the dental office of Dr. Halasz received a call from a Centerville band teacher. The Centerville band teacher finally quit smoking, and he wanted to make the changes last by getting excellent Centerville teeth whitening services. He knew he was done smoking and  had finally dropped that habit for good. He decided if he had his teeth whitened the improved appearance would always remind him never to pick up another cigarette. We scheduled him for his consultation and he arrived promptly on time and quite excited to see the dentist.

Dr. Halasz checked his teeth, and decided they indeed would benefit from teeth whitening. The teeth whitening would provide quick and safe results. Dr. Halasz let the patient know that the brown staining would be gone, and he could brighten his smile in less than a week. The patient was thrilled, and asked if the process could be started immediately. Dr. Halasz discussed the level of whitening and scheduling with the band teacher. A week later the patient came in for his last treatment, and he had a huge smile on his face upon walking in. Dr. Halasz did his last teeth whitening treatment, and the patient was very happy with the services that Dr. Halasz provided for him. He said he was already telling all his friends and family members that if they want affordable, quick, and outstanding teeth whitening Centerville community members are looking for they need to call Dr. Halasz and his qualified dental staff.

Invisalign in Centerville Brings Perfection to Smile

We meet with new patients at our offices each day. We recently met with a woman who was interested in the best clinic using Invisalign Centerville could provide her. She had a beautiful face, and her smile looked great, but she did notice that her teeth required a bit of straightening work to further enhance that great smile. As a child, she never wore braces as her teeth were straight. But, as she aged, work stress, and other daily stresses, caused her to bite her nails, and caused her to grind her teeth, both of which led to the unsightly asymmetry which she wanted to improve upon.

When she came into our offices, we immediately informed her of how Invisalign was the simple solution to her problem. Not only was it a quick fix (relatively in comparison to braces), it was a clear solution which a prominent business woman in her position was looking for as well. We informed her how the trays worked, how the aligners would be fitted to ensure her teeth were being straightened properly, and we informed her of how her smile would look once everything was finished. She was pleased with the graphs and the computer graphic representation we showed her, and decided that Invisalign Centerville was the solution for her.

Not only was our office able to assist her in modifying the smile and changing her facial appearance and expressions, she also felt several years younger, due to her new found confidence, once we completed the treatment plan we had in place for her. Not only were we pleased that the patient was happy with the work we were able to do for her, we wanted to make it an effort to show her how simple it was, how affordable it was, and how pain free the process was as well.

Man from Centerville gets most out of Cosmetic Dentistry Services

A Centerville machinist was looking for the best cosmetic dentist Centerville had to offer. The skilled technician had finally landed a great job with excellent benefits that provided him with full dental insurance. He had went through a half a dozen exams from several disappointing Centerville cosmetic dentists until he was finally recommended to go see Dr. Halasz by one of his friends that has a near perfect smile.

He contacted the cosmetic dental office of Dr. Halasz and made an appointment. The man wanted to have a great smile, and Dr. Halasz recommended cosmetic dental procedures that would provide that great smile that the man wanted. After having cosmetic dental treatments with Dr. Halasz, the machinist could see that he had achieved his desired results. He had that smile that he was proud of, and he had confidence that he never had before. THe said that he couldn’t have been more impressed with Dr. Halasz, his clinic, and his entire team. Every visit at the clinic was a relaxing and pleasant experience. The team made sure that the man was comfortable, and Dr. Halasz always asked the Centerville man if he had any questions or concerns with any cosmetic dental treatments that were performed. He received the cosmetic dental treatments that he had taken a long time searching for with Dr. Halasz and his team. The Centerville man is now telling all his family and friends about the best cosmetic dentist Centerville has ever had.

Ohio Truck Driver opts for Centerville Veneer Treatment

A retired truck driver from Centerville contacted Dr. Halasz. The former driver drank large amounts of coffee during his career to keep himself awake so he could drive across the country. Unfortunately, the coffee had damaged the enamel on his teeth. The coffee stained and caused severe enamel damage to his teeth, and the truck driver wanted to have his smile so he could enjoy his retirement and look good, too.

The truck driver called to set an appointment and arrived at the office. Dr. Halasz  proceeded with a dental exam and evaluation. Dr. Halasz informed the patient that he couldn’t just perform a teeth whitening procedure, because of the damage that had occurred to the enamel. Dr. Halasz did suggest that porcelain veneers would be an excellent option. He explained to the patient that porcelain veneers would permanently bond to his natural teeth, and they would be as strong as his real teeth. Dr. Halasz told his patient that he could give him an impressive veneer Centerville and all of Ohio would enjoy. Dr. Halasz performed many Centerville veneer treatments on patients from around that area, and they are an excellent option for patients who have enamel damage to their teeth.

The patient agreed to have the porcelain veneer procedure done because he wouldn’t have to have his teeth pulled and it would only take a few visits to complete. When the porcelain veneers were applied, the truck driver contacted the office to let them know how happy he was with his smile and his porcelain veneers. He continued to say that he was enjoying his retirement to the fullest now, and was planning on going to Hawaii for vacation. Dr. Halasz was so glad that he could assist this patient and enhance his patient’s golden years.

Dental Implants for a Centerville Man

The dental office of Dr. Halasz (Centerville Cosmetic Dentist) received a call from a man that was interested in a consultation. The man explained to the receptionist that he had several missing teeth, and he just wanted to have this problem resolved, and he believed dentures was his only option. We scheduled the man to come in, and we informed him that Dr. Halasz was the cosmetic dentist specialists and could offer him with several options for his missing teeth.

The man arrived for his appointment, and one of our experienced nurses took him back to look over his mouth. He showed the nurse where he was missing two teeth, and the nurse started taking x-rays, so Dr. Halasz could effectively see what was actually going on in his mouth. Dr. Halasz looked over the x-rays, then examined the patient’s mouth. Dr. Halasz let the patient know that he didn’t have to have dentures, because he was an excellent candidate for dental implants. The dental implants would replace the missing teeth, and restore form and function for the patient. The patient was happy with the news, and agreed to the dental implants. Our staff began taking 3D images and impressions. Within a few weeks the patient had his dental implants attached, and he had a healthy mouth and smile that he was wanting.

Dr. Halasz and his staff can determine if you are a candidate for dental implants if you are suffering with missing teeth. Contact our office today, so we can schedule you for a consultation.