Centerville Teeth Whitening Gives Senior Pic Confidence Boost

A high schooler had gotten a photography session for her senior yearbook scheduled. She wanted to look her best for her last picture at the high school before she graduated. She explained to her parents why she wanted to look her best. She went and purchased a stunning dress, but when she got home to try the dress on she looked in the mirror and knew her smile wasn’t up to par. The student’s mom brought her to Dr. Halasz for the best teeth whitening Centerville has to offer.

The student arrived to the dental office of Dr. Halasz and he looked over her teeth. Dr. Halasz told her that he could whiten her teeth two shades and they would look wonderful, and the patient was glad to hear the good news. The first whitening session took place, and the patient returned back at the office Monday morning and the last session was performed. Her teeth looked great. The student was handed a mirror so she could see how her teeth looked. She said that they looked very nice and she couldn’t wait to get her photos taken. The mother contacted the office just to let us know that her daughter has received so many compliments on her smile since she got the best teeth whitening Centerville students would be happy with. The mother was so impressed that she scheduled to have her teeth whitened as well. She said that her daughter has more confidence now thanks to the best dentist for teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry in Centerville, Dr. Halasz.